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[Video] Yogi Josei sensei 9th dan performs the kata Sanseiryu

Sanseiryu is a Chinese kata which was imported into the Kingdom of Ryukyu and integrated by various styles of Okinawan Karate such as Uechi Ryu and Goju-ryu, for example.

Sanseiryu, literally “thirty six”, is written in kanji (Chinese characters) this way: 三 十六 The meanings as well as the characters remain the same whether they are in Japanese or in Chinese.

After a training of Karate and Kobudo at the Budokan of Naha in Okinawa with Yogi Josei sensei, Hanshi 9th dan in Karate Konan ryu and 9th dan in Kobudo Rensei Kai, he saw that I had my camera with me so he offered me to record him while he performs this kata. Needless to say what was my answer ! 🙂

Here is the video, feel free to share it, and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel (as well as facebook and twitter), other surprises will be published soon, I don’t want you to miss any of them ! 😉

3 thoughts on “[Video] Yogi Josei sensei 9th dan performs the kata Sanseiryu

    1. Hi Perry, Yogi sensei is renting the dojo from the prefectural budokan to train with his students. If you’re in Okinawa you can pass by the budokan on monday morning, he’s usually there till 12 o’clock. You can also reach the OKKB organization, they can help you to get in touch with him or with any other sensei in Okinawa.
      Good luck 😉

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